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I love my dog

Out of the blue my mum said that it's ok with her if I let her stay with them on alternate weeks. Somehow hearing that makes me slightly relieved that there's someone else who likes Booffy.

I admit that at times I feel like she's got a hold on my life. For example, we could never go on holidays together and I would worry my ass off if I did go for a holiday. Thank god we found the most patient dog sitter a year or so before we left. She actually likes Booffy too.

Aside from that, I'm house hunting now and I can't do condos. What do they have a lot of in KL? CONDOS. The boy suggested that we sneak her in and out in a bag like we used to. I can't though, I'm over that, it's just unfair to the dog and she's 19 freaking kilos. We thought we'd just be bold and we'd just live there until we get a complaint, of which we won't because she's a nice quiet dog. In reality though, I can imagine us taking her out for rides and walks and when other people see this19kg, slobbering, growling dog I'm sure it won't go down well.

I'm also contemplating of returning to Sydney. Not for long. Just 6 months, get a short contract and make myself some money because I never really realized how expensive it is to buy things here - the furniture alone is about to give me a heart attack. There is no better time to be working in Australia, the currency is overvalued. It's surpassed the USD and AUD1 - rm3.1! This is something that I feel will not happen again in decades, what goes up must come down. It has to, otherwise the local tourist and manufacturing industry won't be able to survive. Wow, I sound like some economist now. What do I know? I can't return to sydney though because I will miss her too much and a dog / baby needs their mummy around.

Lucky for her, mummy forced herself to accept a senior position so that she could afford the rent for a nice gated and guarded town house. Let's hope I wing it at work and I don't blow my cover.
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