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The one hit wonder

Some things are better undisclosed and worked out without discussion.

I'm having trouble making a decision and I find it hard to discuss it with anyone. I don't want to be that annoying person who goes on and on about the same thing.

It hit me out of the blue that I've been very lucky with the decisions I made but if I were to look at it differently, I've been reckless.

Let's start post secondary school since I never got to make any life changing decisions prior to that aside from whether to enter the science or art stream. I still remember it being a pain in the ass to pick between the two.

I decided that I would attend Taylor's college and join the canadian pre-u program. It was my only choice.

I then felt like Sydney was the best place on earth and applied to only universities in Sydney. I was fortunate to have been accepted into them, it wouldn't have been the end of the world if I hadn't been accepted but any wise person would have applied to more universities and broaden their chances.

I didn't know what course to take and figured, I like computer games and surfing the internet, I'll do computer science! Put that down on my application form with very little clue what computer science was. It was HELL but it did help me with my PR application, I had the right skills.

When it came to work, I accepted the first job that came along, not with standing the shitty pay and that job had nothing to do with my interest. My 2nd and 3rd jobs were pretty much the same, I jumped at the first offer that came my way. I was fortunate that these choices worked out very well for me, I was in the right line of advertising.

I wonder how much longer luck will be by my side.

Here I am, fast forward 10 years. I'm still making the same mistake, jumping at the first thing that's come my way for job no. 4. I even turned away the chance to interview with 2 other amazing agencies. WTF?

In retrospective, things worked out but I don't know...I don't know if it's wise to keep jumping at the first thing that comes around.
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