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3 months later

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I'm overwhelmed by emotions, all sorts of them.

I'm slowly accepting the reality that I will soon be entering the Malaysian work force. For someone who's used to great working conditions and pay, it is daunting. I know deep down that everything will probably be OK and all I need is to give it a chance but there's always a sense of bleakness that envelopes me.

Of all the places, I picked Malaysia. Exactly why? There's a dream out there for me to chase and I'm not sure if this is the best place to be in.

I can't quite put into words what I feel, it's a mix of

Sadness. Fear. Panic. Apprehension. Doubt. Resentment. Cowardice. Anxiety.

Coming back was a big decision and I made that decision. Right now, I just need to take the bulls by it's horn and charge forward. Oh that and pray very hard.


I'm feeling:
anxious anxious
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