May 2nd, 2011

My eyes they sting.

The last time I was back in Malaysia was during CNY 2009. Towards the end of my holiday I developed some nasty allergy and the skin around my eyes started to get red and flaky. It was a nasty sight.

This time around, aside from being inflicted by an eye infection no thanks to Acuvue Oasys, I find the skin around my eyes starting to itch really badly. Not just that, I'm constantly scratching and rubbing my eyes. I can't figure out what's causing it. I feel like it's an allergy but to what? Maybe I'm allergic to the natural hair in my eye brushes. I refuse to believe it's the concealer. I need concealer like I need cake.

Speaking of brushes, being back home, I think I'm going to start wearing more base makeup. I sorta did it minimally for around 2 years(that didn't stop me from collecting eye shadows) as I wanted to fix my skin.

Now I am convinced I need new brushes and I'm venturing into synthetic brushes. Because I was a sucker for blushers, I have about 5 blush brushes a few eye brushes from MAC and sadly not an effective one for mineral makeup, loose powder and powder foundation. Everytime I need to apply loose powder I use the one from sephora (scratchy) or my MAC 129 (which sheds like nobody's business).
For everything else, blush, mineral makeup, loose powder, powder foundation I use the 187 which requires frequent cleaning.

Can't wait to get these when mum gets back! BTW are the reviews on sephora biased? Check out the reviews in the link below, how can anyone not buy them when they make me feel like I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THEM. I hardly ever come across any bad reviews. The last time I bought a brush set from them, I barely used, they really weren't THAT great. I hope it's better this time around.


I've been spending the past hour pulling out clothes from my space bag. I'm glad I'm airing them now, pretty sure people at work aren't going to appreciate standing close to me if I hadn't. Packing is pretty sickening. I packed to come back, unpacked and now I am packing again and then I have to unpack. BORING, i rather nap.